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Is the Octopus Quilt in Sew & Stitch Embroidery washable?


Tips to make your Octopus Quilt more washable:

• Pre-shrink your fabric in the washing machine, especially if you're using linen like we use in the photo of the Octopus Quilt. Some fabrics, especially linen, can shrink in the wash.

• Check the label of the yarn you pick to make sure it's washable. A yarn made out of wool, for example, can shrink in the wash.

• Here is our tutorial video on starting and ending your embroidery floss or yarn to make the ends more secure and less likely to come out in the wash:

• We used Perle Cotton Floss for the "ties" in the hand-quilting portion of the Octopus Quilt pattern. This should be just fine in the wash, however the knots may come loose over time. Instead you may want to use a 100% wool yarn. In the wash, the wool yarn ties will naturally get tighter and tighter as the wool rubs against itself in the wash (felting the fibers together). This will "lock" the yarn in place.

When is your book, Sew & Stitch Embroidery coming out?

Sew & Stitch is available available now in stores and online, including in our web shop. We are so excited for the release of our first craft book, Sew and Stitch Embroidery. More info on Sew & Stitch Embroidery is available here. Stay up to date on the happenings of Penguin & Fish and our Sew and Stitch Embroidery book by signing up to receive our newsletter. (P.S. you'll also receive a free embroidery pattern for signing up.)

Will there be any book signings or events related to Sew & Stitch Embroidery?

Yes! Please stay up to date on the happenings of Penguin & Fish and our Sew & Stitch Embroidery book by signing up to receive our newsletter. (P.S. you'll also receive a free embroidery pattern for signing up.)

I've never embroidered before. Can a beginner do it?
Yes! Most of our embroideries are great for beginners, and embroidery is also a great "first craft" for someone to learn. We recommend our patterns and kits for ages 8 and up. Each pattern comes with simple embroidery instructions, and stitch and color guides. Check out our "How To" section for helpful embroidery tips.

What tools do I need to embroider?
See "Basic embroidery tools and materials" on the How To: Embroidery Tips page.

How do I transfer my design to fabric?

See "How to transfer your design to fabric?" on the How To: Embroidery Tips page.

I own a store. Do you have wholesale pricing? And how do I open an account?
Yes! We are excited to offer our hand embroidery kits, patterns, and sewing patterns to shops (both brick & mortar and online) at wholesale pricing. For wholesale inquiry, check out our Wholesale page and please download our new vendor form.

Do you have a pattern for your wool kitties, horses, unicorns and foxes?

Currently no. Our wool plush toy kitties, horses, unicorns and foxes are available only as finished plush. Click here to view our current line of plush toy sewing patterns.

Manufacturing environment

All Penguin & Fish products are manufactured in an animal free and smoke free environment.

Custom Work

Penguin & Fish will occasionally take custom orders. Please contact us at info[at] if you would like to discuss working with us on a custom project.

Terms of Use

Penguin & Fish characters, designs and products are original and copyrighted. Penguin & Fish products and items created from Penguin & Fish patterns are for personal, noncommercial use only.

Can I sell items that I stitch, sew or print in my own shop or at a craft fair?

Currently all items created using Penguin & Fish patterns, whether they were purchased or free, are for personal use only. You can keep the items for yourself or give them as gifts, but cannot sell them. We are considering having a commercial use license in the future, but don't however have one in place currently. Stay up to date on any changes to this policy by signing up for our newsletter.

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